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We must fight woke fanaticism!

The PPC Newsletter - May 13, 2022

I’m still on the road in my 3-week tour of the Maritimes!

After having first visited New Brunswick and PEI, I am now in Halifax for a series of events and meetings.

The tour will end next week with a few more stops in northern New Brunswick on our way back.

Please check this Events page if you live in the area. I would be delighted to meet you there!

One interesting thing I noticed is that many of the PPC supporters I meet here in the Maritimes are former NDP and Green supporters.

They are very disillusioned with these parties at the federal level, which have been hijacked by the radical woke left.

People I meet tell me how terrified they are by the rise of woke fanaticism and policies dividing Canadians on the basis of race and gender.

Those who have kids being taught this crazy ideology in schools are especially concerned. Many have adopted or are considering home schooling.

There is nothing the PPC can do about education, which is a provincial responsibility.

But at the federal level, we are absolutely opposed to Trudeau’s policies inspired by this divisive ideology.

In particular, one of the first things a PPC government would do is abolish the discriminatory hiring criteria in the federal civil service, armed forces, research chairs, and elsewhere, that favour members of some groups at the expense of others.

All Canadians are equal, and hiring should be based on merit, not gender, sexual orientation, race or skin colour!

Please help us fight woke fanaticism and Trudeau’s divisive policies with a $5 donation today!

Many thanks,


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