Adrian DzikowskiNational Coordinator

Adrian has done a tremendous job as the provincial coordinator for Alberta and is now stepping up to be the national coordinator for the party. He helped found the PPC EDA of Red Deer—Mountain View and acted as its interim CEO. He helped guide its transition to a Regional Association representing both Red Deer ridings. His past campaign management experience for a federal Conservative candidate allowed him to quickly assemble and run campaign teams for Paul Mitchell and Laura-Lynn Thompson during the 2019 general election. His passion for liberty and the PPC ideals stems from his upbringing in Poland during the communist era, where only the elite and connected had any freedoms. He is committed to helping build a strong organization and develop leaders that will challenge the status quo.

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Naomi ChocykRegional CoordinatorGreater Vancouver Area

Naomi majored in political science and international relations at UBC. She has worked as a political aide for the BC Liberals and more recently as a staffer for Jody Wilson-Raybould. Naomi served as the CEO of the EDA in her home riding of Vancouver East, and when the Party needed more candidates Naomi stepped up to run against her former boss as the PPC candidate for Vancouver Granville. Naomi has an extensive background in marketing and events management. She is passionate about public service and volunteers as a support worker for people suffering from addiction and PTSD.

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Yale GibsonRegional CoordinatorGreater British Columbia

Yale has been involved in politics since a young age, volunteering with the BC Young Liberals, then the Conservative Party of Canada before taking a role on his local CPC EDA. Upon the founding of the PPC, Yale immediately began organizing locally through social media and ensured his local EDA of Chilliwack—Hope was one of the first to be organized in the country. Since its founding, Yale has served as CEO of the Chilliwack—Hope PPC Association and played a crucial role in his candidate’s campaign, which garnered the largest vote percentage of any PPC candidate in BC.

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Michael ManchenRegional CoordinatorNorthern Alberta

Michael is a longtime supporter of the People's Party of Canada. He ran as a candidate in the riding of Yellowhead in the 2021 election and will continue in that role, with a strong message emphasizing freedom and prosperity for all Canadians. He and his wife of 30 years raised two young men in that region of northern Alberta, to whom they want to leave a country that they can be proud to call home. Michael has wide experience in Alberta oil and gas industry operations, regulations and leadership for over 25 years, holding a long list of education, training and degrees. He is presently involved in property management with a strong commitment to community volunteering on many boards, such as Fire & Rescue, starting a play school and a county snowmobile club along with many others. Michael has the motivation and experience required for team building with experience in each EDA role. He looks forward to working with anyone who wishes to contribute to the success of the People's Party of Canada, and welcomes all people to join our ever growing team of members and volunteers.

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Chris WymanRegional CoordinatorSouthern Alberta

Chris is an independent management consultant based in Calgary. As a longtime supporter of Maxime, Chris enthusiastically followed him from the unprincipled CPC and became a founding member of the People's Party of Canada. For years Chris has been active in provincial and conservative movements, however, participation was always from the sidelines or in a support role. The current drift in the political culture of the country has been the catalyst for Chris to become more actively engaged as a Regional Coordinator. Chris has been a past EDA Financial Agent, Riding Director and Official Agent in the recent Federal election, and he now is eager to work with and provide support to the PPC in Southern Alberta.

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Monique QuintalProvincial CoordinatorSaskatchewan

Monique walked away from the left in 2015 and is a founding member of the PPC. Before being asked to take on the role of Provincial Coordinator for Saskatchewan, she was a campaign manager for a PPC candidate in the 2019 federal election and was CEO of the Saskatoon—Grasswood Electoral District Association. Monique has been a small business owner, worked sales and marketing and is a Journeyman Electrician. She was born and raised in rural Saskatchewan and believes in individual freedom and small government.

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Noel GautronProvincial CoordinatorManitoba

As soon as Maxime Bernier announced his new political party, Noel was inspired to run as a candidate for him. Since its founding, Noel has served as a Director on the Board of his local EDA of Provencher. When the Board of the Elmwood—Transcona PPC Association publicly resigned in an effort to smear the Party, Noel is the one who stepped up to reorganize this riding association and eventually ran as the candidate for Elmwood—Transcona. We are excited to see what Noel can bring to his new role.

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Renaud RoyRegional CoordinatorNorthern Ontario

Renaud helped found the Electoral District Association in his home riding of Timmins—James Bay. Renaud also represented his riding as a candidate, achieving one of the highest vote percentages for a PPC Candidate across the country in 2019. Renaud was inspired to join the PPC by his time living in the former communist state of Romania and views the People’s Party as necessary to push back against the slow creep of ever-growing abusive government powers in our nation.

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VacantRegional CoordinatorSouthwestern Ontario

Our national coordinator Adrian is currently serving as the interim Regional Coordinator for Southwestern Ontario.

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Corey MessomRegional CoordinatorGreater Toronto Area

As a founding member, Corey has been actively supporting the growth of the People’s Party of Canada from the very beginning. He initially managed two Toronto ridings in 2019 and in 2021 supported four ridings in Midtown Toronto. As a marketing communications and commerce technology expert, Corey has spent 20+ years solving Customer Experience and systems integration challenges for Retail & eCommerce. Corey believes that empowering teams enables ideas to succeed, be they cutting edge technology solutions, business strategies or even more importantly the fundamental change being driven by the PPC, fundamental change that is needed for Canada’s future. The PPC founding principles of Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness and Respect serve as not just a guidebook for party leadership and anyone actively supporting the party, but as personal tenets that every Canadian should strive to live and breathe.

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BrandonRegional CoordinatorEastern Ontario

Brandon was a key PPC organizer in Eastern Ontario during the 2021 Federal election, helping many campaigns with logistics, organization, and event planning. Brandon is passionate about defending our freedoms in Canada and has been very active in standing against the authoritarian covid restrictions from his time with No More Lockdowns Canada. Brandon is eager to build on the gains we achieved in the 2021 election, and to strive for even more success in the next election, and beyond!

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Stephen MakkRegional CoordinatorCentral Ontario

Stephen Makk wants to share a positive vision of Canada where personal freedom, individual responsibility, and civic engagement are the core values of a good, just and flourishing society. He favours a government that sticks to the basics and gets them right. Stephen ardently supports free speech, free thought, and free markets absent of crony capitalism and regulatory capture. Stephen sees the PPC’s foundational values as the basis of a movement, not just a federal political party, that can resonate with people across the political spectrum.

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Daniel BrissonProvincial Coordinator Québec

A native Quebecer, Daniel has immense experience in Quebec politics and has taken part in elections at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels. Daniel was a candidate for the Conservative Party of Québec in the 2012 provincial election, and ran for the leadership of the CPQ in 2013, and again in 2021. Daniel also ran to become the Mayor of Québec City in 2017 under the banner of l’Alliance citoyenne de Québec, a party he helped found. Daniel was also our PPC Candidate for Louis-Hébert in 2019. In addition to his political experience, Daniel also owns and operates an IT and strategic business consulting firm, and acts as vice-president of the Canada-Europe Economic Chamber. Daniel is a computer scientist by trade and has a degree in political science as well as numerous professional and technical certifications.

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Jimmy VoyerRegional CoordinatorQuébec North-East

Formerly our candidate for Chicoutimi—Le Fjord, Jimmy has now become our regional coordinator for the Québec North-East region. Retired Major Jimmy Voyer enlisted in the Canadian Forces in 1996 and completed 20 years of loyal service with the Army and Royal Canadian Air Force. He is a graduate of the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi in the computer field and of the University of Oxford in the field of new financial technologies. He is now a private entrepreneur.

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Christian RiouxRegional CoordinatorQuébec South-East

Formerly our candidate for Gaspésie—Les-Iles-De-La-Madeleine, Christian has now become our regional coordinator for the Québec South-East region. Christian Rioux would consider himself a "jack of all trades", interested in a bit of everything, but particularly science, technology, politics, mineralogy, paleontology, and even furniture making and renovations. Author of a blog on science and politics since 2007. President of a mineralogy club since 2005.

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Yves BourassaRegional CoordinatorEstrie—Montérégie

Yves was a former member of the Conservative Party of Canada since 1984 and was a federal CPC candidate in Chambly Borduas in 2006; In 2021, he ran again as a federal candidate in the constituency of Compton Stanstead, this time for the People's Party of Canada and its leader Maxime Bernier. Yves is recognized for his many contacts in several provinces of Canada and he maintains links with many high calibre artists in addition to supervising several activists in federal, provincial and municipal politics. Specialized in security training for the company Garda World, he trains several security agents and close bodyguards. Yves has extensive experience in photography and event organization; he was involved in several projects such as the safeguard of the Granada Theatre in Sherbrooke; The opening of the Capelton mines in Estrie for tourism purposes; sponsorship coordinator for the 2003 World Youth Championships in Sherbrooke; Responsible for safeguarding several heritage buildings. He is the founder of L’Archerie contemplative, inspired by the rule of Saint-Benoît. He is also an explorer in speleology and he was president of the association of prospectors Beauce, Estrie, Appalaches.

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Mathieu Saint-JeanRegional CoordinatorLaval—Gatineau

Formerly our candidate for Gatineau, Mathieu has now become our regional coordinator for the Laval-Gatineau region. Mathieu is a visionary man, who has several dreams to improve society and who will always find a concrete way to achieve them and share them with as many people as possible. He is also an empathetic man, who has acquired through his experience in customer service and the human resources sector a personalized way of approaching people and putting them in confidence, because he is naturally calm, smiling and at ease. listening to the will of others. He will be happy to tell you about his adventures and his journey, which are in his image, filled with people who come together to accomplish common projects. He loves the region and the hikes which allow him to surpass himself and recharge his batteries in tranquility.

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Luc MasséRegional CoordinatorMauricie—Bois Francs

A native of Trois-Rivières and retired engineer who graduated in civil engineering from the Polytechnic of the University of Montreal in 1982, Luc was an administrator for the material resources of the Commission Scolaire Chemin-du-Roy for more than 25 years. Previously, he was a municipal engineer for various cities. From 1997 to 2005, Luc was councillor and mayor of the municipality of St-Étienne-des-grès where he has lived since 1986. Luc is a founding member of the People’s Party of Canada and served as a financial representative for the PCQ Leadership Campaign of Daniel Brisson in 2020-2021.

Luc has also been a volunteer administrator at Résidence Le Jardin in Trois-Rivières for over 10 years. He has a passion for curling and for more than 15 years he has participated in the organization of the annual Curling tournament of the CS teachers of Chemin-du-Roy. In the summer, he enjoys cycling and hiking.


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Guillaume Labonté CôtéRegional CoordinatorQuébec—Lévis—Beauce


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Jonathan DesclinRegional CoordinatorMontréal

Formerly our candidate for La Pointe-de-l'Île, Jonathan has now become our regional coordinator for the Montrèal region. Jonathan is very proud to say that he spent a large portion of his life in the military and has been on a mission to defend the rights and freedoms of everyone. It is now from within our country that Jonathan will do his best to ensure that Canadians can enjoy their freedoms and their rights. He has strong political convictions and the desire to change and develop things for the betterment of our country. Jonathan is a man of the people who fights for the rights of the people. Honor, justice and common sense are paramount to Jonathan.

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Mitchell FoleyProvincial CoordinatorNova Scotia // Prince Edward Island

Mitchell has been involved in politics for a number of years now and has been an active volunteer in recent provincial elections. Last year was Mitchell’s first foray in federal politics. Once Mitchell realized there was a PPC candidate in his home riding of Kings—Hants, he became an active volunteer on his local EDA, eventually becoming CEO. From this position, Mitchell continued to take on more responsibilities including campaign manager and lead strategist for his candidate. Mitchell is excited to extend his knowledge and experience to the rest of the province as well as neighbouring PEI.

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VacantProvincial CoordinatorNewfoundland and Labrador

Our national coordinator Adrian is currently serving as the interim Provincial Coordinator for Newfoundland and Labrador.

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VacantProvincial CoordinatorNew Brunswick

Our national coordinator Adrian is currently serving as the interim Provincial Coordinator for New Brunswick.

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