2019 Electoral Platform

This is the People's Party of Canada's Platform for the October 2019 general election. It will be gradually unveiled over the coming weeks.

For topics not yet covered, please check the policies proposed by its leader Maxime Bernier when he was running for the leadership of the Conservative Party in 2016-17. The PPC's platform will be mostly based on the same policies.

Equalization: Fairness For All Provinces

Issue When it was started in 1957, the equalization program had a noble intention: to ensure that all Canadians have access to a similar level of services from their provincial government, regardless of whether they live in richer or poorer provin...

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Firearms: Respecting Legal Firearms Owners and Targeting Criminals

Issue The legal use of firearms has always been part of Canadian tradition and culture. Today, there are over 2 million hunters, ranchers, trappers, farmers, target shooters, recreational shooters and collectors who legally possess firearms in our...

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Health Care: Giving Provinces the Incentives to Deal with Wait Times and Rising Costs

Issue Canada’s public health care system has the dubious distinction of having the worst wait times of any developed country. Health care costs have been increasing at an unsustainable rate, putting more and more financial pressures on the budgets...

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Internal Trade: Getting Rid of Interprovincial Trade Barriers

Issue More than a century and a half after Canada’s founding, Canadians still cannot buy, sell, or work freely within their own country. In order to protect local special interests, provincial governments have adopted all kinds of measures that er...

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Supply Management: Making Dairy, Poultry, and Eggs More Affordable

Issue Supply management is a government-imposed cartel that keeps the prices of dairy, poultry, and eggs artificially high through the control of production, the banning of imports, price fixing, and the prevention of competition in the market. Th...

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