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The PPC welcomes a debate on abortion

The PPC Newsletter - July 8, 2022

My message this week is longer than usual because it touches on a very important and controversial topic, and I want to make very clear where I stand. Please take the time to read it, and forward it to people you know who may be interested.

* * *

Did you know that there is no law regulating abortion in Canada?

In 1988, in a decision involving abortion doctor Henry Morgentaler, the Supreme Court declared existing abortion provisions in the Criminal Code unconstitutional.

However, it did not declare a constitutional right to abortion and left the door open for a new law that would regulate it.

The Mulroney government tried and failed to adopt such a law. No other government has tried since.

Because of this legal void, there is no legal obstacle in Canada to have an abortion at any stage in the pregnancy—including up to minutes before a child is born.

Yes, it’s perfectly legal to kill a fully developed unborn baby during the third trimester of a pregnancy, a baby who would be viable if born prematurely.

When you raise this issue, people will say that it may be technically legal, but that it never happens except in very rare circumstances when the child has fatal deformities or the life of the mother is threatened.

That’s not true. Although statistics are hard to obtain because of their controversial nature, we know that such late-term abortions happen in Canada.

In a rare article discussing this issue published in the Montreal daily paper La Presse in 2019, it was revealed that more than 20 Quebec women were sent every year to the few clinics in the US offering late-term abortions “without restrictions”, with all costs covered by the government.

Given the growing debate in the US—which recently culminated in the repeal of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court—Quebec health authorities were saying at the time they wanted to “repatriate these services” and provide them in the province. That was difficult because extremely few doctors are willing to perform such abortions for obvious ethical reasons.

You can read an English translation of this article here.

If more than 20 late-term abortions with both the mother and child in good health are practiced in Quebec every year, there must be more than that in all of Canada.

I find this abhorrent. It’s akin to allowing infanticide.

Whether there are few or many is irrelevant anyway. A murder is a murder and it should be outlawed.

You cannot argue that it’s “my body, my choice” in such cases. There is another body, another sentient human being, involved.

Freedom is one of my core values. But it doesn’t include supporting the freedom of a mother to kill her fully developed baby, before or after it is born.

I bet most supporters of late-term abortion agree that there should be laws against animal cruelty, and don’t even realize how absurd and inconsistent their opinions are.

All other civilized countries—including all the “progressive” countries of Europe—have laws determining when a fetus should be protected as a person, and when and in what circumstances abortion should therefore be restricted.

Most have restrictions starting in the second trimester, and ban late-term abortions.

It’s time to join the civilized world. It’s time to stop listening to hysterical feminists who’ve hijacked this issue for too long. It’s time to break the taboo.

The other establishment parties, including the Conservatives, are too afraid of the leftist media and the pro-abortion activists to raise this issue.

We’re not afraid. The PPC welcomes a debate on abortion.

Because it’s an issue of conscience, I will never impose a specific policy on our candidates and MPs.

But this is what I believe, what I know a majority of our candidates support, and what I think a majority of Canadians also agree with:

-Human life is sacred, and we should take steps to protect the most vulnerable.

-Late-term abortion (in the third trimester) is akin to infanticide and should be prohibited.

-The House of Commons should debate when and in what circumstances to start applying restrictions after the first trimester.

-Sex-selective abortions—almost exclusively abortions of little girls by immigrant parents coming from cultures where boys are favoured—should be prohibited.

-MPs should be free to vote on the issue of abortion according to their conscience.

You may not entirely agree with this position. But I hope you agree that we should not be afraid to have this debate. Without the PPC, there will never be any debate on abortion in Ottawa.

Please, help the PPC raise and promote important issues such as this one that the establishment parties want to stifle, with a 10$ donation today.

Many thanks,


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