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The fight is not over!

The PPC Newsletter - June 17, 2022

This week, the Liberal government announced that it was “suspending” some restrictions for unvaccinated travellers.

They won’t be treated like lepers or prisoners in their own country anymore, unable to visit a relative in another province or to leave the country like in the former Soviet Union.

This new policy has nothing to do with a change in the “science” of course. It’s purely a political decision.

It was announced right after Trudeau got covid for the second time in a few months as he was returning from a trip to the U.S.

Despite being triple vaccinated, Trudeau is himself a super spreader, getting and spreading the virus during his frequent trips abroad! What better proof of the absurdity of his restrictions targeting the unvaccinated!

The fight is not over however.

Other restrictions remain in place, such as testing and quarantining when returning to Canada.

Although the U.S. dropped the in-flight mask mandate two months ago, and Europe last month, masks will remain mandatory in Canada.

And all inbound travellers still have to provide their health information using the completely useless ArriveCan application.

The Liberal Health Minister also made it clear that restrictions could return in the fall if cases are up – or rather, when it’s politically advantageous again for the Liberals to use this as a wedge issue.

And when that happens, having had two shots won’t be enough to be considered fully vaccinated. You will need a third, or a fourth shot, or more, to stay “up to date,” since their “vaccine” becomes ineffective after only a few months.

This nightmare has to stop!

I have been fighting against lockdowns, vaccine mandates and other authoritarian covid measures since the beginning in the spring of 2020.

I didn’t jump in the bandwagon when it became more popular and politically safe during the Freedom Convoy.

And I will continue to fight until these measures are lifted permanently. My lawsuit against the federal government continues.

Please consider making a $10 donation today to the only party that has CONSISTENTLY fought for your Charter rights!

Many thanks,


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