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Newsletter - September 2, 2021

Voting day is less than three weeks away and we’re proud to announce that the People’s Party has 312 candidates representing it!

As a result of the snap election call, our small but incredibly hard-working team scrambled to vet, interview, and onboard hundreds of candidates across the country in the space of only a few weeks.

PPC HQ ultimately endorsed 331 candidates at peak to represent the 338 riding nationwide. After a challenging last week, 312 of our candidates were able to be confirmed with Elections Canada, while the remaining 19 candidates either stepped down, did not meet the deadline or submitted an insufficient number of signatures.

While we ultimately fell short of our goal of running a full slate of candidates, we are proud of this achievement. It represents 92% of ridings, which is a significant accomplishment for a young and growing Party! For comparison, the 38-year-old Green Party was only able to register 252 candidates across the country.

It's now or never time to help our candidates! Some of them have been organizing for months, others have only be selected for a few days and will barely have enough time to campaign. You should therefore not be surprised if the latter don’t have signs and are not yet active on social media. They simply haven’t had time.

You will still be able to vote for them. Ideally, you can donate or volunteer with their team. If there is no PPC candidate in your riding, or you can’t find him or her, you can still donate to any other candidate in the country. They ALL need your help!

Here are a few answers to questions you may have:

Where can I find my PPC candidate?
Please visit If you do not see updated contact information for your candidate, please be patient and keep checking this page. We will keep updating the page regularly.

Which federal riding am I in?
Please search your postal code on the Elections Canada website here:

How do I request a lawn sign?
The Party does not distribute law signs. To obtain a lawn sign, please contact your candidate:

How do I volunteer?
You can take action here:, or contact your candidate directly.

How do I donate?
You can either donate directly to your candidate’s campaign by contacting them directly, or donate to the People’s Party of Canada here:

Please note that candidates are able to take e-transfers whereas the PPC webpage cannot.

Many thanks for your help!
PPC Team