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Canada won’t be governed from Davos!

The PPC Newsletter - May 27, 2022

Did you know the World Economic Forum is meeting in Davos, Switzerland, this week?

They are the globalist elites who jumped on the opportunity offered by the pandemic to impose their “Great Reset.”

The same people who want to establish a socialist world government based on UN institutions.

The ones promoting a dystopian future where “you will own nothing, but you will be happy.”

They are now discussing the next steps in their twisted plot.

Here are some of the insane ideas they’re talking about:

- An “individual carbon footprint tracker” to track what you buy, eat, and where you go.

- Total biometric surveillance for every human being on the planet and the mass data harvesting of your biological information.

In short, they want complete control over your life from the cradle to the grave.

We must protect Canada from this globalist postnational scheme supported by Justin Trudeau.

Since I founded the People’s Party of Canada in 2018, I have stood against the WEF, the WHO, and the UN.

We’re leading a people’s revolution against these authoritarian technocrats.

We will withdraw from all UN treaties, pacts, and accords that threaten Canada’s sovereignty.

Join me in this fight against socialism and globalism with a $5 contribution to the People’s Party today!

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