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Canada should stay out of the conflict in Ukraine

The PPC Newsletter - March 4, 2022

The covid hysteria seems to be over, but it was quickly replaced by another one.

Stop worrying about the covid mess or the rising inflation. The Russians are coming!

Just two weeks ago, Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland were giving themselves extraordinary powers to crush a peaceful demonstration and freeze the bank accounts of freedom loving Canadians.

Now they claim to be defending freedom on another continent!

I deplore the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The loss of innocent lives and the destruction that war brings can never be justified.

But Canada has no business getting involved in this conflict.

The West and NATO have horribly managed relations with Russia since the end of the Cold War.

Putin has a point when he says he can’t accept hostile troops and missiles in Ukraine, just like the US did not in Cuba in 1962 and would not if Mexico aligned with China or Russia today.

We could have avoided this war if we had given Russia assurances that Ukraine would not join NATO.

Instead of making empty promises and pushing Ukraine to defy Putin only to abandon it to its fate, the West should have supported this solution in the first place.

The economic sanctions on Russia are destabilizing the global financial and monetary system. We are also pushing the Russians into the arms of the Chinese communist regime.

I believe this is a geopolitical blunder on the West’s part that will have huge economic and military consequences.

This being said, we obviously cannot support a murderous autocrat willing to invade another country and to kill innocents instead of resorting to diplomacy.

Canada should stay out of this explosive situation. We should not take part in the escalation of this conflict. One that could lead to a nuclear war.

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