Recent CSIS leaks have Canadians of all political stripes concerned about the integrity of our democratic institutions and the current Trudeau Liberal Government.

We, the undersigned, have four demands that we believe are necessary to preserve faith and integrity in our democratic institutions and government, domestically and internationally. 

1. There must be an independent and public inquiry into election interference and how it benefited or harmed all Canadian political parties. The commissioner of said inquiry must be independent, not another Liberal insider, and should be chosen unanimously by all parties in the House of Commons. 

2. There must be an independent audit of all donations to the Trudeau Foundation during and leading up to Justin Trudeau's political career. We know the Chinese Communist Party used the Foundation to buy favour from the Trudeau government; how many other foreign governments, corporate interests, or super-rich elites attempted similar bribes?

3. Don Valley North MP, Han Dong, must resign immediately, as well as any other MP whose election or nomination contest was affected by foreign interference. There must be prompt, free, and fair by-elections held in all these ridings.

4. Finally, and most importantly, Trudeau must resign as Prime Minister and MP for Papineau. 

Recent news has made it clear to Canadians and the world that Trudeau does not have the credibility, moral authority, or integrity to continue governing Canada. Therefore, he must step down immediately to restore faith in our government and institutions.


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It's time for Trudeau to resign to restore faith in our democracy!

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