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With the active support of the woke far left and all establishment parties, radical trans activists are trying to transform society in a way that curtails everyone’s freedoms. This radical agenda, which contradicts basic biological realities, is proving particularly harmful to women and children.

In recent years, cultural Marxists and radical activists in the media, government, and schools have made every effort to normalize toxic transgender ideology. They teach children that their gender is determined by stereotypes and if they do not fit into the traditional male or female gender roles, encourage them to think they may have been born in the wrong body. Children are never born in the wrong body. Children should be taught to accept themselves, not seek solutions through pharmaceuticals and medical procedures.

Bill C-16, adopted by the Liberal government in 2016 and famously opposed by Jordan Peterson, recognized gender self-identification and opened the door to compelled speech. Since then, businesses and government agencies have banned the use of words like “woman” and “mother” in favour of “menstruating people” and “birthing people.”

Women’s rights and security are being trampled to accommodate men pretending to be the other sex. Women are encountering trans men in changing rooms and bathrooms. Violent criminals who are biological men but identify as women are being incarcerated in women’s prisons. Women have to unfairly compete with biological men in sports.

Cultural fads like Drag Queen Story Hours are promoting this ideology among children and making it appear normal to identify as the other sex or as different invented genders. Bill C-4, which was unanimously adopted by all parties in the House of Commons in 2021, criminalizes parents and therapists who try to help minors with gender dysphoria accept who they are. In effect, the law bans “conversion therapy” in one direction, but allows it in the other. It is illegal to treat children for a mental disorder, but it is legal to encourage them to undergo “gender affirming therapy” and mutilate their body.


Most boys and girls suffering from gender dysphoria simply grow out of it. Many suffer from other mental issues such as autism, or are under the temporary influence of a phenomenon of social contagion. Taking puberty blockers at a young age will transform their body and sterilize them for life, when they are too young to evaluate the impact of such a momentous decision.

Sex change surgery involves reconstructing genital organs by using skin and muscles from other parts of the body. These invasive surgeries cause many complications and require lifelong treatments. More and more trans people who underwent such surgeries regret it later in life and want to “detransition”, but it’s tragically too late.

The transfer to women’s prisons of male inmates who self-identify as women has been standard practice in Canada since it was introduced by the Trudeau government in 2018. It has resulted in criminals with histories of sexual abuse against women being housed alongside female inmates, with several cases of violent behaviour being reported in the media.

Our Plan

The normalization of transgender ideology, particularly amongst our youth, will have a catastrophic impact on a generation if we do not reverse course soon. While adults can make whatever choices they want regarding their sex and gender identification, Canadians who believe there are only two immutable sexes and genders must not be compelled to adapt their language and behaviour to accommodate gender ideology. In particular, women and children must be protected from the harmful consequences of this ideology.

A People’s Party government will:

  • Modify the Criminal Code to outlaw the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and any form of bodily mutilation on minors with the goal of “transitioning” to another sex. Moreover, any person encouraging minors to “transition” could be held criminally responsible for attempting to cause harm.
  • Remove the ban imposed by Bill C-4, the so-called “conversion therapy bill”, on helping minors who suffer from gender dysphoria accept their body.
  • Stop funding groups that promote radical gender ideology.
  • Strictly enforce section 163.1(1)(b) of the Criminal Code in order to remove inappropriate pornographic content from schools and libraries.
  • Protect women’s spaces – prisons, shelters, bathrooms, and changing rooms – from intrusion by biological men.
  • Maintain separate competitions for women in which biological men cannot participate in sports regulated and funded by the federal government.
  • Abolish federal programs to fund sex change operations for civil servants and prisoners.
  • Repeal Bill C-16, the bill that added gender self-identification as ground for protection against discrimination.

(May 2023)


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