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Press release - Bernier to run in Portage—Lisgar by-election

Portage la Prairie, MB, May 12, 2023 — The Leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, announced earlier today that he will be the Party’s candidate for the upcoming by-election in Portage—Lisgar, MB to replace Candice Bergen in the House of Commons.

Bernier made the announcement at a hotel in Portage la Prairie—one of the major cities in the rural riding—in front of a crowd of over 150 excited volunteers and supporters.

“For years, we’ve gotten less and less for our dollar, and what we get is not the same quality as before. Inflation is eating away at our standard of living. Government and household debt has skyrocketed. Our healthcare system is hopelessly broken,” Bernier declared in his speech. “But even worse than the state of our economy is the state of our culture. We are living in highly immoral times. Everywhere you look, you see examples of moral and cultural degeneracy.”

Bernier took aim at what he called the “Woke Cult” while criticizing drag queen story hour and transgender ideology.

“The Woke Cult is demolishing the traditional pillars of our society and aims to establish a twisted and profoundly sick vision of the future. They are moving at a startling pace. Do you remember ten years ago? There was no drag queen story hour where children were indoctrinated into the cult of transgenderism. Ten years ago, it would have been unthinkable to indoctrinate seven and eight-year-olds and force sexuality upon them. Now you can go to jail for opposing the transition of your child! We are living in a completely different society, one overtaken by evil.”

Bernier declared that this by-election would be a two-horse race between himself and his opponent from the CPC after taking shots at his former party.

“The so-called Conservative Party has conserved NOTHING since its inception in 2003 after the merging of the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Party. As I said when I left that party in 2018, they are morally and intellectually corrupt. Whether it's gender ideology, mass immigration, climate hysteria, the cult of diversity, or abortion, the CPC has refused to fight the necessary cultural battles. They are too scared of negative coverage from the mainstream media and being called bigots. They have sat on their hands as the Radical Left has taken over our society.”

Bernier also addressed concerns that he’s not from the riding.

“I’m sure some of you are wondering, ‘What is this Quebecer doing running in Southern Manitoba? How can he represent us?’ When I visit Winkler, Morden, Portage, and many other communities in this riding, I am reminded of Beauce, where I grew up, the riding I represented in parliament for 13 years. But I am also reminded of so many special corners of this country that I have had the privilege of visiting in my years campaigning to give a voice to the voiceless. When I talk to people here and across the country, I keep hearing that they feel forgotten by an Ottawa-elite class focused on pet social issues that are irrelevant to them. I have a message for those who feel forgotten here in Portage—Lisgar. You will be forgotten no more!”

Bernier then added some of his recent connections to the riding.

“This is where we hosted the biggest PPC rally in the Party’s history. In Plum Coulee, near Winkler 3000 patriots came out to support our fight for freedom. It was the biggest rally held by any political party during the last election. Just outside this riding, I was wrongly arrested two years ago for refusing to comply with immoral, unconstitutional, and tyrannical covid restrictions imposed on us. These are just a couple of events that have drawn me to this area over the past few years. I feel a special connection to this riding. This is where the renewal of our country will begin.”

In the 2021 election, the People’s Party of Canada achieved its best result across the country in the riding of Portage—Lisgar. The Party garnered 22% of the vote and came second overall. Bernier is confident that his campaign experience and name recognition will help the Party elect its first ever Member of Parliament.

It is still uncertain when the Portage—Lisgar by-election will be called. It must be called before August 27th, with the latest possible election day being October 17th.

Bernier’s full remarks can be found here. A video of his announcement speech can be found on the PPC’s YouTube channel.

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