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Press release - Bernier announces policy on gender ideology

Winkler, MB, May 23, 2023 — The Leader of the People’s Party of Canada and Portage-Lisgar by-election candidate, Maxime Bernier, announced the People’s Party’s new policy on radical gender ideology at a press conference in Winkler.

“With the active support of the woke far left and all establishment parties, radical trans activists are trying to transform society in a way that curtails everyone’s freedoms,” Bernier declared. “This radical agenda, which contradicts basic biological realities, is proving particularly harmful to women and children.”

“In recent years, cultural Marxists and radical activists in the media, government, and schools have made every effort to normalize toxic transgender ideology. They teach children that their gender is determined by stereotypes and if they do not fit into the traditional male or female gender roles, encourage them to think they may have been born in the wrong body. Children are never born in the wrong body. Children should be taught to accept themselves, not seek solutions through pharmaceuticals and medical procedures.”

“The normalization of transgender ideology, particularly amongst our youth, will have a catastrophic impact on a generation if we do not reverse course soon.”

Bernier put forward a seven point policy plan including modifying the Criminal Code to outlaw the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and any form of bodily mutilation on minors with the goal of “transitioning” to another sex, removing the ban imposed by Bill C-4 on helping minors who suffer from gender dysphoria accept their body, and strictly enforcing section 163.1(1)(b) of the Criminal Code in order to remove inappropriate pornographic content from schools and libraries.

Bernier’s full remarks can be found by clicking here.

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