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“It feels so good to support a party with clear principles, that defends them openly, with passion and conviction!”

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KING–VAUGHANGilmar Oprisan

Born in Romania, Gilmar was inspired to join the PPC by his time living in the harsh former communist country. After experiencing the unreasonable and ridiculous measures taken by most of our politicians
during this pandemic, Gilmar views the PPC as a necessary force to push back against the increasing abusive government powers in our nation. He lived in tyranny and he is familiar with the dangers of
propaganda in the media. He has a passion for liberty, which is why he immigrated here in 2000 to the land of freedom and democracy together with his wife and two daughters.

“I never thought I would become involved in politics, especially since I am an entertainer, an artist, until I experienced these unbelievable and illogical restrictions. I then found PPC, a party which is built on offering all Canadians fairness and respect. I feel that PPC’s principles and platform are the answer for everything Canadians need in a political party. It is truly a party of the people and for the people, putting Canadians first and bringing back our patriotic values. I promise you, PPC will be a strong and leading organization in the years to come.”

Above all, Gilmar is a businessman, an entrepreneur, and an entertainer. He is a new politician in a relatively young and fast growing party, but his business and personal background, his 17 years of leadership experience in high executive positions, and his patriotism will guide him to make the best decisions for all Canadians. Gilmar wants to unite the voices of citizens across his riding area to join forces with the PPC to shift Canada back in the right direction.

Contact Gilmar: [email protected]

Links for social media and a website will be added at a later date.