Yes we’re splitting the vote!

In Monday’s by-election in York Centre, I received almost 4% of the vote, which is more than twice the PPC’s average score across Canada in last year’s elections.

I also did better than the Green candidate, a party that was established 35 years ago.

It was a very interesting and useful experience for me.

Of course, I plan to run in my riding of Beauce at the next general election.

As was expected, the Liberals kept this York Centre seat.

And since then, Conservatives have again been blaming us for their defeat with their tired argument that we are stealing votes from them.

As if the votes of PPC supporters belonged to them.

How arrogant!

That’s the point of having different parties competing with each other: to offer a choice to voters who would otherwise not vote or would settle for a less appealing option.

That’s what democracy is about.

Conservatives should instead be blaming themselves for their inability to defeat the worst government in decades.

We’re not responsible for their failures. They are.

It’s not our fault if their policies are barely distinguishable from those of Trudeau.

On so many issues – lockdowns, immigration, climate alarmism, free speech, globalism, smaller government, equalization, and many others – the People’s Party is the ONLY party that offers Canadians an alternative.

Yes we are indeed “splitting the vote” – we’re on one side, and all the establishment parties, including the Conservatives, are on the other!

This by-election was just another small step in the long march to establish a true conservative populist party in Canada.

We must reach more Canadians and convince them that they have a real choice.

Please pitch in $4 today to help us grow our party and do even better in future elections.

Thank you so much for your support!

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