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“It feels so good to support a party with clear principles, that defends them openly, with passion and conviction!”

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PARKDALE-HIGH PARK Wilfried Danzinger

Hello, my name is Wilfried Richard Alexander Danzinger.

In mid August, my wife was crying in bed because she was terrified for the future of our kids. I knew that one vote would not be enough, which is when I decided to become a candidate for the PPC.

What is happening in Canada with the attack on our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms coupled with the phycological warfare on our citizens is the real virus that is spreading across the world. This needs to be stopped right here and right now!

I am an introverted Computer Engineer who has stepped out of his comfort zone to fight for the freedom of all Canadians because: "God keep our land, glorious and free! O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!"

Live free or die!

Contact Wilfried: [email protected]

Wilfred's Twitter, Facebook page and website are linked below.