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Why am I on the road again?

The PPC Newsletter - July 15, 2022

I promised months ago that I would be back in Western Canada as soon as Trudeau ended his disgusting travel restrictions for the non-vaxxed and I could fly again.

And here I am!

Earlier this week I was in Vancouver. Today and tomorrow I am in Calgary and Red Deer.

After spending three weeks in the Maritimes in the spring, and some regions of Quebec last month, I plan to visit Ontario and Newfoundland, and come back West again after that.

Perhaps you wonder: Why am I so often on the road?

It’s because these trips are really important for our party.

I’m not spending much time sightseeing – even though I enjoy seeing the many beautiful regions of our huge country!

I’m busy from morning to evening meeting with our local organizations and with supporters.

I do interviews with local media.

I go to public events, like today at the Calgary Stampede, to reach out to the general public who may share our values but still don’t know a lot about the PPC.

You can learn more about all these activities if you follow me on social media.

These trips are important to motivate our people, consolidate our organizations, spread our message, and attract new supporters.

We’re continuing to build our party, so that we’ll be able to offer a strong political alternative to Canadians at the next election.

These trips involve a lot of planification and organization, and they’re not cheap!

As you know, flying across Canada costs a fortune, sometimes more than going to Europe.

If you agree this is important for the future of our party, and of Canada, please pitch in $5 today to help us organize and pay for these trips!

I hope to meet you at one of them!

Many thanks,


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