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While MPs get a big pay raise, you pay more for everything

The PPC Newsletter - April 1st, 2022

Today, Justin Trudeau is getting a salary increase of $21,604. He will be paid almost $380,000 this year.

Ministers will also see their salaries increase by $15,865, while other MPs and senators will “only” get $10,802 more.

No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

For two years, they adopted policies that led to the destruction of thousands of small businesses.

They dictated that countless unvaccinated Canadians should lose their jobs.

They also spent and printed money like crazy, with the result that inflation is now skyrocketing and we all have to pay more for everything.

People who get by on a modest revenue are even more impacted by inflation, because it’s almost impossible to cut spending on food, rent or electricity.

And not everyone will get a pay raise that will compensate for the 5.7% rise in prices over the past year.

But our political overlords are protected with an automatic raise on their already fat salaries. A pay raise that YOU will be forced to fund with your taxes of course.

Our political elites have lost sight of who they’re supposed to work for—the PEOPLE.

We must rediscover the traditional virtues of fiscal restraint, prudence, and modesty, that have been systematically undermined by the irresponsible extravagance of the past decades.

And make sure that all the policies adopted in Ottawa protect the interest of ordinary Canadians, instead of lining up the pockets of powerful interest groups.

If you can, please help us fight the arrogant establishment in Ottawa with a $5.70 donation today.

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