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When will the covid nightmare stop?

It started with a 2-week lockdown “to flatten the curve.”

Our incompetent governments then let thousands of seniors die in nursing homes.

But that did not stop them from experimenting with more inefficient and disastrous measures.

More lockdowns, quarantines, mask mandates, curfews, business and school closures, closed provincial borders, etc.

It provided a good excuse for Trudeau to send cheques to everyone and rack up a gigantic deficit.

A year and a half later, we still have no cost-benefit analysis of these measures that would give us a clear picture of their efficacy.

But they keep moving the goalpost.

Now they say 90% must be vaccinated instead of 75% because of the variants.

In some provinces we must keep wearing the mask.

We may soon need a vaccine passport to go out of our homes.

Thankfully, Alberta has announced an end to all restrictions.

But for how long? Will other provinces follow?

The People’s Party is the only federal party that has been opposed to all these measures from the beginning.

Canadians need to send a strong message in the coming election: Enough is enough! End this covid nightmare!

Only a strong showing by the PPC will accomplish this.

Please help us fight this nonsense with a $25 donation today, or any amount you are comfortable with.

Many thanks,