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What are they hiding?

The PPC Newsletter - February 22, 2023

News broke on the weekend that the Liberal Cabinet would require all MPs take an oath of secrecy as a condition of seeing its $5 billion contracts with covid vaxx manufacturers.

What is in these contracts that the Liberals are trying to hide from public scrutiny?

Is it details on the vaccine? That they knew it did not prevent transmission or “stop the spread”?

Or maybe it's about the absurd costs we paid for these experimental vaccines: almost $30 per dose according to the Auditor General, compared to $14.50 per dose for the same vaccines in Europe.

Or is it details about potential vaccine injuries which far too many Canadians will be forced to live with for the rest of their lives?

Our MPs are supposed to be defending the interests of their constituents.

Instead Liberals are playing defense for Big Pharma and avoiding accountability for their reckless actions over the past 2 years.

Take a minute to watch this unbelievable clip of Liberal MP Anthony Housefather.

He tries to justify these bizarre contracts that released manufacturers from liability as they rushed the vaccine through testing and development.

For the past two years, we have been called conspiracy theorists and science deniers for suggesting that the covid vaxx was rushed and required further testing.

For raising concerns around pharmaceutical companies being released from liability for the consequences of these rushed vaccines.

Now the Liberals not only admit to these things, but they blame the public for putting them in such a difficult situation that they had to sign such unreasonable contracts!

I have news for the lying Liberals!

They are at fault, as well as provincial governments across the country, for using propaganda to terrify the public into believing that covid was akin to the Black Plague when it was no more dangerous than the flu for most people!

It's their own fault for working with Big Pharma to impose rushed vaccines on Canadians instead of defending our interests!

Governments, Big Pharma and the media should have admitted the vaxx was experimental, there was a risk taking it, and it was up to each of us to decide.

Instead they blatantly lied about its efficacy and safety, coerced everyone to take it, and demonized and persecuted dissidents.

Over the last 2 years there has been no opposition in Ottawa.

And now we’re supposed to expect these same ineffective MPs will hold the Liberal government accountable?

No, not me.

What we need is a fresh slate of PPC MPs to hold the government to account. To succeed where the so-called opposition failed.

Help me elect a team of PPC MPs to bring accountability and justice for all Canadians with a $10 donation today!


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