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We’re fighting against covid measures

People have asked me why is the PPC not challenging authoritarian covid measures in court.

There are many excellent organizations that are specializing in legal challenges, like the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms and the Constitutional Rights Centre.

These organizations have the expertise and the resources to launch these court challenges.

They also offer resources to help you deal with vaccine mandates at work and school. It’s their mission. I encourage you to support them.

We at the PPC don’t have lawyers in our team (I myself haven’t practiced law for decades), and don’t have the hundreds of thousands of dollars necessary to pay for court challenges.

Our job as a political party is to defend ideas, promote policies, and prepare for elections.

You know that I have participated in and held dozens of anti-lockdown rallies.

This week, I interviewed a Quebec lawyer, Hans Mercier, who is also fighting in court on behalf of unvaccinated government workers who could lose their jobs (in French only).

Over the past year, I also interviewed a representative of Police on Guard for Thee, and doctors and professors opposed to lockdowns and vaccine passports.

We’re fighting against covid measures for sure – not in court but in the political arena.

The more people we convince, the more difficult it will be for governments to implement such measures.

My team and I are focusing on what we do best: Make sure that Canadians hear the truth and have a real choice at the political level.

There is so much to do on that front! And we’re the only federal party that does it.

Please donate $5 today so we can continue our fight against covid measures.

Many thanks,