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We must be able to compete on equal terms

December 31, 2021

Our end-of-year fundraising drive is very important for the PPC’s finances.

Last year, we raised about $300,000 in three days. As of now, with about 12 hours left, we’re up to almost $200,000.

We’re in good shape financially. We have no debt. We will finish the year with a small surplus. We manage our finances in a very conservative and responsible way.

And we expect to receive a $600,000 cheque from Elections Canada as reimbursement for half of our election campaign expenses.

All this money will go into our war chest in preparation for the next election.

You may think that’s a lot of money and that it’s sufficient for our needs.

But let’s be realistic.

The Liberals and Conservatives each spent about $30 million during the fall election. The NDP spent $24 million. We spent approximately $1,3 million.

Every dollar we spend goes a long way. We are a lot more efficient, creative, and dynamic than the establishment parties.

But as long as the Liberals spend more on Facebook ads alone than we do on our whole campaign, we shouldn’t be surprised about the results.

We must be able to compete on equal terms. Or at least on less unequal ones.

If you haven’t donated the maximum amount this year, please consider making a final $100 donation before midnight. It will only cost you $25 with the tax credit.

Thank you,