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We can’t let this happen again

The PPC Newsletter - February 25, 2022

I still cannot believe what happened over the past week.

Trudeau gave himself extraordinary powers that should only be used when there is a war, major terrorist threat or a catastrophic natural disaster.

The police then brutally cracked down on peaceful demonstrators in Ottawa.

Chrystia Freeland gave banks the power to freeze the accounts of thousands of freedom-loving Canadians who simply made a donation to the truckers’ convoy.

For a few days, before Trudeau finally backed down, it looked as if Canada was on the brink of becoming a police state.

Just like in banana republics or in Eastern Europe under communist rule!

How could this happen here, in Canada?

One reason it did is that opposition parties have failed us for two years.

They supported every covid measure imposed by Trudeau.

They said nothing when he violated our fundamental rights and freedoms.

The PPC is the only party that was fighting all that time, from day 1.

We also denounced Trudeau’s unjustified decision to invoke the Emergencies Act every day, as you can see on this page.

Imagine if there had been only 25 People’s Party MPs in the House of Commons during the past two years pushing back at every step against Trudeau’s assaults in our freedoms.

Would we be in such a dire situation? Of course not.

We can’t let this happen again.

The PPC needs to grow, hire more staffers, advertise more, become one of the major parties, and elect MPs at the next election.

Please help us achieve this with a $25 donation today, or whatever amount you can afford.

Many thanks.


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