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Trudeau’s inflation tax is rising

I’m sure you’ve been noticing it for months already.

Whenever you go to the grocery store, you come out having spent more than the last time. And some of the things you wanted to buy are not even available anymore.

It’s Trudeau’s hidden inflation tax. And it keeps rising.

This week, Statistics Canada announced that the annual inflation rate had reached 4.4%, the highest level for almost two decades.

It means you have to pay 4.4% more on average for everything, including 3.9% more for food, and 33% more for gas!

There’s a simple explanation for inflation.

Trudeau and Freeland love to throw money around as if there is no cost to it. But that’s not the case.

Inflation is a consequence of the Liberals’ gigantic deficits and the $400 billion that the Bank of Canada created out of thin air to finance them.

Printing money doesn’t mean we are richer. There aren’t more goods and services.

There is simply more money in circulation chasing the same amount of goods. This puts upward pressure on prices and creates shortages.

So the government gets to play Santa and spend all this new money, but all of us are being taxed indirectly with higher prices and a lower standard of living.

We need to bring back fiscal sanity to this country.

The PPC is the only party that has the courage to tell Canadians the hard facts, and control spending and inflation.

And we’re not charging more for this!

Please help us fight Trudeau’s inflation tax with a $4.40 donation today.

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