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Trudeau is trying to destroy our agriculture now

The PPC Newsletter - August 5, 2022

After attacking the oil & gas industry, Trudeau is now trying to destroy our agriculture, using the same type of climate change nonsense as justification.

Last week, we learned that he wants to cut 30% of emissions from fertilizers by 2030 as part of the Liberal government’s plan to get to “net zero” emissions.

Natural gas is used to make fertilizers. And so fertilizers produce carbon emissions.

Fertilizers are costly, and farmers only use the optimal amount.

I spoke to a farmer this week who explained to me that he’s been working with agronomists for decades to reduce waste, and to grow food in the most ecological way possible.

But fertilizers are still necessary.

Using less fertilizer means producing less food. Which means billions of dollars of losses for farmers in the coming years, but also more expensive food for all consumers.

We knew that Trudeau wants us to drive less and travel less in order to reduce our “carbon footprint.” That’s what his carbon tax is all about.

Now he also wants us to eat less!

The government of Sri Lanka adopted similar policies, and the country is now in total chaos.

The government of the Netherlands is also trying to impose similar ones, and the farmers there have been protesting for weeks.

All of this is a consequence of the Paris Climate Accord, a UN agreement to reduce carbon emissions supported by all the other parties – except the PPC.

We categorically reject all these globalist agreements that make life more difficult for ordinary Canadians, while having zero effect on the environment.

The PPC supports our farmers.

The PPC also opposes any policy that makes food less abundant and more expensive, at a time when inflation is skyrocketing because of Trudeau’s disastrous policies.

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