Trudeau is dividing Canadians along racial lines

The Trudeau government announced last week a $221M business loan program for Black entrepreneurs.

What is this if not systemic racism?!

Systemic, or institutional racism is a form of racism that is embedded as normal practice within society or an organization.

That’s exactly what this kind of program does.

It explicitly favours people belonging to one group and discriminates against others.

How will this program be administered?

Many Canadians have a mixed racial background. Will applicants have to be tested for the darkness of their skin or the percentage of black genes they have?

Will the government also create loan programs for every other racial minority.

It’s completely absurd to divide us along racial lines.

We are all Canadian.

Positive discrimination is discrimination.

Reverse racism is racism.

You cannot redress injustices for minorities that were discriminated in the past by creating new forms of discrimination that will further divide us.

The only way to prevent racism and discrimination is to ensure equal rights and freedoms for all.

A People’s Party government will abolish all these programs that divide Canadians.

The Liberal cult of diversity has to end.

We must emphasize what unites us, not what divides us.

If you oppose these racial and racist policies of the Trudeau government, please help us fight them with a $2 donation today.

Many thanks,

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