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Trudeau is destroying supply chains

January 21, 2022

Unvaccinated cross-border truckers have been providing an essential service to the Canadian economy for two years. That’s why they were exempt from the border closures.

They pose no threat to anyone. They’re alone in their trucks most of the time. There is no crisis because of sick truckers.

So why are they suddenly being forced off the road with a new vaccine mandate?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, vaccine mandates, forced shutdown of businesses, and other misguided policies imposed on various sectors of our economy have made supply chains more fragile than ever.

And now, at a time when the trucking industry already suffers from a severe shortage of manpower, criminally irresponsible governments in Ottawa and Washington needlessly disrupt them even more.

It could not have come at a worse time.

Most of the goods we trade with the U.S., the fruits and vegetables that we buy from them, and countless other products of necessity are transported by trucks.

If 15% of truckers are forced to leave the industry, fragile supply chains will be further disrupted, especially those in the food sector.

Already, shortages are appearing and there are empty shelves in many stores.

This is insane. It should not be happening in a rich country like Canada. But it does because of Trudeau’s and Biden’s complete incompetence.

It has to stop!

I will be marching in support for our truckers this weekend in Toronto, Mississauga and Waterloo.

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Many thanks,