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Time to end this lockdown hell!

There were news reports this week that in Ontario, residents of long-term care homes were begging to be allowed outside after being confined indoors for more than a year.

They’re stuck in their rooms, even though they’ve all have been vaccinated and no one has COVID. They can’t see their family.

This is nothing less than forced detention and torture. It’s criminal.

But it’s just one of the many gross violations of our basic rights that governments in Canada are responsible for.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Texas, and many other U.S. states, all lockdown measures have already been lifted and life has returned to normal.

There are no more COVID victims in these states than in those like New York and California where authoritarian measures are still being imposed.

Lockdowns just don’t work. Except as a way to create more mental distress, more economic destruction, and more government tyranny.

In Canada, these authoritarian lockdown measures are, for the most part, being imposed by provincial governments.

But that doesn’t mean Ottawa can do nothing to stop them.

The federal government is coordinating the public health response across the country.

Instead of encouraging provinces to impose lockdowns, it should do the opposite.

Instead of sending money to provinces, it should tell premiers that if they choose to close down their economy, they won’t get a cent.

The PPC is the only federal party opposed to lockdowns.

We’re against forcing travellers to quarantine at expensive hotels.

We’re against mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports.

This lockdown hell must end. NOW.

Please contribute to the fight against this lockdown hell with a $5 donation to the PPC today!

Many thanks,