These censorship bills cannot be allowed to pass!

The Trudeau Liberals want to give themselves far-reaching new powers to censor the internet!

Bill C-10 was described by commentators as a “full-blown assault on free expression.” If passed, it would subject the whole Canadian online world to content oversight from broadcast regulators, including podcasts, online videos and websites. That includes anything YOU post online, from cat videos to memes criticizing the government.

Another bill soon to be tabled by Heritage minister Steven Guilbeault is supposed to outlaw hate speech, child pornography, calls to violence, and other offenses online. But these are ALREADY illegal. So why do we need another law? Because the Liberals are trying to curtail our freedom of expression.

We can’t let this happen. We can’t let this fanatic destroy the foundations of our free society! Please add your name to our petition against Internet censorship.

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