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There are good people in the Conservative Party, but...

The PPC Newsletter - February 6, 2022

Over the past ten days, a handful of Conservative MPs have shown their support for the truckers’ convoy.

This is a positive development. It means the tide is turning. More people are moving to our side.

There are good people in the Conservative Party. After all, I served as a Conservative MP for 12 years, and many PPC supporters are former Conservatives.

But there are also good reasons we left.

For 22 months, ALL Conservative MPs stayed silent or openly supported lockdowns, vaccine passports, vaccine mandates, and the massive attacks on our rights and freedoms.

Those who found some courage to criticize only did so in recent days when it became safer.

Even so, last week, they ALL voted with the Liberals and the other parties to condemn what they falsely claim were displays of “antisemitism, islamophobia, white supremacy, racism, homophobia and transphobia” at the truckers’ rally.

How can anyone trust a party afraid to confront woke nonsense and the mainstream media lies?

Prominent Conservatives, such as Michelle Rempel Garner, are World Economic Forum “Young Global Leaders.” Like Chrystia Freeland and Jagmeet Singh, they are globalists who support Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset.

In 2017, almost ALL Conservative MPs voted in support of the Paris Climate Accord.

Last fall, ALL Conservative MPs endorsed and campaigned on their party’s program, which advocated more immigration, a carbon tax, more spending, deficits for at least ten years, and no cuts in the size of government.

Only two months ago, ALL Conservative MPs voted in favour of a Liberal bill that promotes radical gender ideology and the transitioning of children, and makes it a criminal offense to help those who are confused about their gender accept it.

ALL Conservative MPs supported these misguided policies.

The Conservative Party is morally and intellectually corrupt and cannot be trusted, whoever its leader is.

The People’s Party is the only one that will keep fighting for what is right, day in day out.

Please help us make sure there is a strong principled alternative in Canadian politics with a $5 donation today.

Many thanks,


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