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The radical trans lobby is after our kids

December 3, 2021

This week, the House of commons unanimously adopted a bill banning conversion therapy.

I agree with parts of it. No one should be forced to undergo any therapy to change their sexuality.

Gays, lesbians and trans people must be respected and enjoy the same rights as every other Canadian.

One major problem with this bill however is that it will make it a lot more difficult to help kids suffering from gender dysphoria.

In some Canadian schools today, boys and girls are being taught that they may actually not really be boys and girls.

And when they get confused about their gender identity, instead of helping them to accept their body and gender, they are being encouraged by a growing trans industry of psychologists and surgeons to start “transitioning.”

Eventually, they are offered hormones and surgical procedures.

Many of them grow up to regret it. Without this, most of them would have become healthy heterosexual, gay or lesbian adults.

I find it absolutely horrifying that we don’t protect our kids from a radical trans lobby that encourages and exploits gender confusion.

Therapeutic counselling should be the first option for children. Not destroying their body.

When a previous version of this bill was being debated before the election, 62 Conservative MPs voted against it.

This time, they all voted in favour. Every single one of them.

The Conservative Party now aligns with the woke far left, the Liberals and the NDP on this issue.

Only the People’s Party still wants to protect our kids.

If you agree with this position, please help us defend it with a $10 donation today.

Many thanks,