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The establishment doesn’t want you to hear about the PPC!

The Leaders’ Debates Commission announced today that they are not inviting me to participate in the English and French debates.

I was disappointed, but not surprised.

The criteria to be included was that PPC support in polls must average 4% over the past two weeks.

Several polls unveiled in recent days give the People's Party 4, 5, and even 6% in the voting intentions.

Like me, I am sure that you’re feeling the surge in support for the PPC across the country!

But the Commission had to include other polls that give us barely 1 or 2%. I think these polls have a flawed methodology and do not reflect reality at all.

I do not blame the Commission, whose criteria were clear and objective.

Rather, I blame the political establishment cartel, which refuses to debate the crucial issues we raise and has done everything to marginalize us since the founding of the PPC.

I blame some national media, which two years ago worked with Warren Kinsella, the professional mud thrower who was paid by the Conservative Party, to portray us as racist and intolerant when that is a complete lie.

Also those media that today don't even include us in their daily coverage of the campaign, while they cover the Greens, whose support in the polls is at the same level as ours.

The reality is, the more Canadians hear about us, the more they realize that we are the only party that offers a different view than everyone else. Support for the People's Party continues to grow for this reason.

My exclusion from the debates will not stop this wave. It is simply a confirmation of the existence of the establishment cartel.

Can you contribute $5 today to help us boost our advertisement campaign?

Debate or no debate, we must make sure that Canadians keep hearing from us!

Thanks a lot,