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The climate has always changed

The media are full of apocalyptic news again.

30,000 politicians, bureaucrats and activists are meeting in Glasgow to supposedly save the planet and humanity from climate change.

Almost everything they say is based on lies.

Yes, the climate is changing as it always has.

But there are no more hurricanes or forest fires today than in past decades. The media just talk about them a lot more and try to scare you.

The number of people on the planet dying every year because of floods, droughts, wildfires, storms or extreme temperatures has actually gone down by 96% over the past century.

We’re much richer and better able to cope with these weather-related events.

But because of irresponsible green policies, people around the world are now facing energy shortages, massive electricity price increases, and blackouts.

We could see the same in Canada if Trudeau and his new radical environment minister, Steven Guilbeault, have their way.

They’re planning to gradually suffocate our oil and gas industry, and make us poorer with their rising carbon tax on everything.

The People’s Party is the only party left in Canada that hasn’t succumbed to climate alarmism.

Unlike Erin O’Toole, I won’t change my mind and suddenly propose a carbon tax.

I won’t support destroying our largest industry in Canada to please the UN.

Please donate $9.60 today to help the PPC continue to be a strong voice of common sense on this issue.

Thanks a lot,