Students, We Have A Battle To Win.

Winning the culture war on campuses is one of the first steps to winning seats and government.

We are very excited to announce our initiative of establishing PPC Campus Clubs in colleges and universities across Canada!

In recent years, it has become absolutely clear that every battle in the culture war starts on college and university campuses. The cancelling of Dr. Jordan Peterson, the stonewalling of any speaker that does not fit the mainstream leftist narrative, intimidation and violence from ANTIFA terrorists. All of these battles began on campuses and have since proliferated into problems that affect our broader society. It’s time to push back against leftist ideological supremacy!

According to a recent Abacus Data poll, young Millennial and Gen Z Canadians are some of the biggest supporters of the People's Party of Canada. Young Canadians understand that our political establishment is broken and we need a new option for real change in this country.

Winning the culture war on campuses is one of the first steps to winning seats and government.

We are aware that current restrictions on campuses due to COVID-19 may slow down the application process, and interfere with the operations of these clubs. We are looking to do what we can to establish campus clubs now, so we can hit the ground running once restrictions are lifted and normal campus activity resumes. Maxime Bernier is eager to bring his populist, free-market and anti-establishment message to young Canadians.

If you are interested in starting or joining a PPC Club, or would like to know more information, please complete the below form. Our staff is prepared to support you and streamline the application process.

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