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“It feels so good to support a party with clear principles, that defends them openly, with passion and conviction!”

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Sticking to our principles

There’s a good reason why most people don’t trust politicians.

They promise one thing and they do the opposite.

They run on some policies and then turn around and disavow them.

In 2015, Justin Trudeau famously promised small deficits for a few years and then a return to balanced budgets.

He instead delivered several large deficits, and this year’s deficit will be the largest in our history.

During his leadership campaign, Erin O’Toole criticized Trudeau for sending too much of our money to other countries as foreign aid.

Last week, he criticized him for not sending enough.

It’s just one of his many U-turns.

He ran as a “true blue” conservative during the leadership race. But now he’s telling his party they must move to the centre-left and be more like Liberals.

Liberals and Conservatives will say and do anything to get elected and stay in power.

If there is one thing I proved in my political career, it’s that I will stick to my principles.

I’m in politics to change things and make Canada a better place.

I don’t care for power if it means doing the opposite of what I believe in.

PPC support will grow by convincing Canadians that our solutions are the best, not by pandering and saying whatever will get us elected.

That’s what leadership means.

There’s no other way to achieve something concrete and meaningful.

We will NOT weaken our platform.

We will NOT move to the centre-left.

We will NOT abandon our principles.

Freedom. Responsibility. Fairness. Respect.

If that’s what you also believe in, please show your support with a $2.50 donation today!

Many thanks,