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“It feels so good to support a party with clear principles, that defends them openly, with passion and conviction!”

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Stephen Makk was the PPC candidate for Simcoe North in the 2019 election achieving a better than average result among PPC candidates. Stephen has an experienced campaign team and volunteers who are ready to go whenever an election is called. Stephen was not politically active before the PPC and felt that he “had no home” with any of the legacy parties. When Maxime Bernier founded the PPC, Stephen was roused to get involved. Stephen has been active within the PPC organization from the beginning. He was a director of the Simcoe-North EDA and CEO from 2019 onward. He is presently the CEO of the amalgamated Barrie Simcoe Regional PPC Association. Recently, Stephen was instrumental in making sure Maxime Bernier’s visit to our area was well coordinated and publicized. Stephen wants to share a vision of Canada where personal freedom, individual responsibility, and civic engagement are the core values of a good, just and flourishing society. He favours a government that sticks to the basics and gets them right. Rather than proposing ever more ways for the government to direct citizens’ lives and manipulate their finances, the PPC strives to keep government minimal, effective and out of your way. When the government gets pushed back, you can move forward, because you know your own unique goals and how to reach them better than any government possibly can. Stephen ardently supports free speech and free thought, along with free markets (that are free of crony capitalism or regulatory capture), and free and honest trade. Freedom is good for everybody, yet government sprawl is the biggest threat to personal freedom in these times. The PPC is needed more than ever. Stephen sees the PPC’s foundational values as the basis of a movement, not just a federal political party. Our ideas must be promoted and spread all the time, not just during elections. Stephen is a comfortable public speaker and confident debater. Stephen promotes the PPC’s platform as a positive vision of a free and prosperous Canada, that can resonate with people of any political leaning. Stephen reaches out to dissatisfied or disengaged voters who have supported any of the other parties, not just ex-conservatives. A combination of a libertarian view of society, and a fiscally conservative view of economics, are the foundations of Stephen’s open-minded vision of what Canada can and ought to be. Stephen was born in Canada and earned an engineering degree from the University of Toronto. He has owned and run businesses in both Canada and the USA, and is an experienced executive, entrepreneur, and design engineer. Stephen lives and works in Victoria Harbour, on the shores of Georgian Bay. He owns and runs a growing high-tech electronics design and manufacturing business with his wife of 35 years, along with their two adult sons.

Contact Stephen: [email protected]

Stephen's Twitter and website are linked below, a Facebook page will be added at a later date. Donate to Stephen's campaign on his website linked below!