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“It feels so good to support a party with clear principles, that defends them openly, with passion and conviction!”

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As a lifelong Albertan, born and raised in Lac La Biche, Shawn’s passion for his community and province are indisputable.

Early on, Shawn began his career in oil and gas working his way through all aspects of the industry. In 1997, Shawn’s entrepreneurial drive led him to start his own company Black Scorpion Contracting. Shawn knows first-hand as a business owner and employer the impact the energy industry has on the economy. He also understands how industries can work together through collaboration and diversification to strengthen the economy and future of Canada. As an ardent supporter of the pipelines, Shawn was on the front lines to keep Alberta’s energy strong and proud.

Shawn’s proven record and demonstration of leadership goes beyond his entrepreneurial spirit and speaks for itself. As a founding member of ROABA (Resource One Aboriginal Business Association), an organization that is open to everyone, Shawn has stood as President for 7 years and gained national and international media recognition for his role in assembling the first indigenous-led rally for energy resources. Shawn’s commitment to his community and province goes far beyond energy, he is active on several Boards and Committees dedicating time and resources whenever and wherever needed.

Shawn believes that the Constitutional Rights and Freedoms for every Canadian should be recognized, respected and protected.

Contact Shawn: [email protected]

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