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“It feels so good to support a party with clear principles, that defends them openly, with passion and conviction!”

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Humber River—Black CreekRaatib Anderson

Being the child of immigrants who arrived in Toronto, Canada in the early '70s --- Raatib Anderson endeavors to put the interests of Canadians first and serve the many communities that make up our nation. Having studied at the University of Toronto Scarborough, lived in Toronto Housing, attended public school and worked in security throughout the GTA; Raatib is the right candidate to represent our communities and tackle the various issues faced socio-politically and economically. Moreover, he has experience operating an ecommerce business that provides goods throughout all of Canada while ensuring that competitive services and prices serve the Canadian consumers' pockets.

Raatib represents the fortitude of the Canadian people; remaining kind and open-hearted, hardworking, innovative and remembering the rich history that paved the way for men like himself to serve the country. Maintaining values endeared by all Canadians and with a mindset that the majority comes first; he strongly stands against identity-politics and pandering to fringe groups. Raatib understands that the current political climate has been divisive at best. Furthermore, he insists upon upholding the principles that our nation holds dearly. Of Jamaican descent, a black man. A colleague, a friend, a business owner and a political party member; but a Canadian first.

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