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Maxime Bernier Announces Regional Lieutenants

Ottawa, ON, April 22, 2022 — Earlier today, People’s Party of Canada Leader, Maxime Bernier, announced the appointment of four Regional Lieutenants representing the Party in each of the four major regions of Canada: Western Canada & the Territories, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada.

Regional Lieutenants will provide leadership and guidance within the Party, as well as regional representation in the Party’s strategy and communications.


“Unique regional identities that are found nowhere else in the world evolved within the Canadian context: The Western Frontiersman, the Quebecois, the Métis, the Acadian and so many more.

It is all these wildly different regional identities, united through a common feeling of brotherhood and shared interests, that make Canada truly unique.

[…] This comes right to the root of why I am appointing these new Regional Lieutenants.”

- Maxime Bernier, Leader, People’s Party of Canada

“Appointing regional lieutenants will go a long way to show that we are a committed, serious party. Having a regional lieutenant also shows Max’s commitment to the West. For far too long, parties have pandered to us when it is politically convenient but have done absolutely nothing for us. The PPC does what’s best for all Canadians by letting the provinces govern their own affairs. In the West, we know what is best for our region, and now, I’ll be able to provide a direct line right to Maxime, right from the West...”

- Kelly Lorencz, Western Canada & the Territories Lieutenant
Contact: [email protected]

“This will allow each of us Lieutenants to better serve and advocate for Canadians in our respective regions, while also bringing an authentic, regional perspective to national issues and political discourse […] I am thrilled to work with the great People of Ontario and bring attention to the issues that are most salient to them, such as the financial burdens being placed on our farmers, critical race theory and radical transgenderism being imposed on our children, and of course Doug Ford and the provincial government’s unconstitutional covid mandates.”

- Cole Squire, Ontario Lieutenant
Contact: [email protected]

“Thank you Maxime for your trust. This appointment is another step towards the growth of the PPC in Quebec and a sustained presence of a party that has the true interests of Canadian citizens at heart in all provinces. Quebec has a place in a federal government, something the regionalist Bloc Québécois could never offer. Together, let us be strong, free and united citizens from coast to coast!”

- Daniel Brisson, Quebec Lieutenant
Contact: [email protected]

“As a candidate of record for the last two elections, I have seen our Nova Scotian team work with endless energy and passion, in the hopes of electing a People’s Party government that will respect our nation’s democracy, its values, Constitution, its Charter—your fundamental rights and freedoms. I will commit to spreading this message throughout our eastern coast.”

- Michelle Lindsay, Atlantic Canada Lieutenant
Contact: [email protected]

Full remarks are available on PPC social media channels:


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