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Press release - Appointment of New Provincial Coordinator | Québec

PPC HQ, Ottawa, June 6, 2021 — This press release is to serve as notification of the appointment of a new Provincial Coordinator in your area. Effective immediately, Daniel Brisson has been appointed as Provincial Coordinator for Québec. Chloé Bernard will continue to support Daniel in his new role.

Daniel Brisson is a proud founding member of the PPC and believes strongly in our Party’s founding principles. A native Quebecer, Daniel has immense experience in Quebec politics and has taken part in elections at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels. Daniel was a candidate for the Conservative Party of Québec in the 2012 provincial election, and ran for the leadership of the CPQ in 2013, and again in 2021. Daniel also ran to become the Mayor of Québec City in 2017 under the banner of l’Alliance citoyenne de Québec, a party he helped found. Daniel was also our PPC Candidate for Louis-Hébert in 2019. In addition to his political experience, Daniel also owns and operates an IT and strategic business consulting firm, and acts as vice-president of the Canada-Europe Economic Chamber. Daniel is a computer scientist by trade and has a degree in political science as well as numerous professional and technical certifications.

In this role, Daniel will act as an intermediary between National Headquarters and Québec. Daniel will be responsible for strategic coordination between EDAs in Québec, providing leadership to our members in the area, and assisting HQ in planning and the rolling out of national projects as well as local events. Daniel’s first main project will be to facilitate the second phase of candidate selection in Québec. All questions or suggestions relating to the PPC organization in Québec should be directed toward Daniel.

You can reach Daniel at [email protected].

Daniel Tyrie
Executive Director
People’s Party of Canada

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