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Privatize Canada Post

Open Postal Service to Competition and Privatize Canada Post

It is time to consider liberalizing the postal market as well as privatizing Canada Post.

Canadians have long benefited from the competition existing in the market for parcels and letters over 500 g. There are simply no reasons to protect Canada Post's monopoly for letters weighing less than 500 g, whose volume continues to decrease year by year, by 6% last year only.

Canadian Firearms laws are broken, and I want to fix them

Canadian Firearms laws are broken, and I want to fix them.

At the whim of a bureaucrat, firearms are assigned new classifications.

Legally purchased firearms are being made illegal, even though no laws have changed.

This needs to stop.

Canada's Equalization Program is Unfair and Ineffective: Maxime Bernier

OTTAWA – Today, Maxime Bernier announced that he will bring fairness to Canada's system of equalization payments to provinces.

Rather than continuing the welfare trap that our system of equalization has become, Bernier proposes to create an environment that encourages provinces to succeed and thrive, rather than relying on aid from other parts of the country.

SPEECH: Canada’s Equalization Program Is Unfair and Ineffective

When it was started in 1957, Canada’s equalization program had a noble intention: To ensure that Canadians from coast to coast have a similar level of service from their provincial government, whether they live in poorer or richer provinces. It was seen as a way to unite the country.

Unfortunately, that is not how it turned out. The program has had numerous unintended consequences. It is unfair and inefficient in multiple ways. And it is disuniting Canadians instead of uniting them.

Security and Prosperity for Canadians

Since the beginning of this leadership race, I have proposed several policies with the general goal of reducing the size of the federal government and focusing its interventions on its core functions.

Everyone understands what it means to have a smaller government when it comes to economic policy. But what about foreign policy?

The principles are actually the same. We can have a foreign policy that is based on the perspectives and interests of politicians, bureaucrats, international NGOs and special interest groups. A foreign policy that tries to attain unrealistic goals, that focuses on image and marketing, that ineffectively intervenes everywhere, and is frankly a waste of taxpayers’ money.

An Immigration Policy to Fulfill Canada’s Economic Needs

Immigration has become a very contentious issue in politics. We’ve seen in recent years the rise of anti-immigration parties in Europe. It featured prominently in the U.S. presidential election. And it has become part of the debate in the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race.

Canada has always been a country largely open to immigration, because of its vastness and its relative youth. I believe that by and large, our immigration policy has been very successful. But we are not immune to the conflicts and social tensions happening elsewhere.

We can avoid these tensions if we stay away from ideological extremes and go back to a fundamental principle: The overarching objective of Canada’s immigration policy should be to fulfill the economic needs of our country.

NR: Maxime Bernier Announces Responsible Healthcare Funding Plan

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OTTAWA – Today, Maxime Bernier announced his plan to put an end to squabbling between Ottawa and the provinces over health care funding and encourage provincial governments to take the necessary tough decisions to deal with wait times and rising costs.

Health care is an exclusive provincial jurisdiction. Yet, provinces keep begging for more money and blaming Ottawa for their failure to tackle problems.

Speech: Responsible Funding for Health Care


Good morning,

Provincial and territorial Health Ministers are meeting today in Toronto to discuss a new health transfer accord with Ottawa. They will be joined by their federal counterpart tomorrow.

The topic is of utmost importance: Poll after poll has shown that Canadians consider access to health care their top priority.

Yet, I can make one prediction: This meeting is not going to solve anything. What we are going to see is a bunch of bickering politicians failing their primary responsibility, which is to find more efficient ways to offer first-class health care services to all Canadians. And at the same time deal with the fact that health care costs are increasing at an unsustainable rate and putting more and more financial pressures on the budgets of all governments.

Income Tax Cuts

A Responsible Plan for Income Tax Cuts 

Maxime Bernier

Good morning,

Many economists believe that advanced economies, including Canada, are in a situation where economic growth is going to be chronically slow, around 1% instead of the 4% we were used to until not long ago. 

A period of slow economic growth means that most Canadians will not have any significant wage increase for several years. Finding a job would become more difficult.

Release: Responsible Plan for Income Tax Cuts

Maxime Bernier Announces a Responsible Plan for Income Tax Cuts 

All Canadians will Pay Less Taxes

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OTTAWA – Today, Maxime Bernier announced his plan to simplify Canada’s personal taxation system as part of his campaign for Leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The current system is overly complicated.  It’s estimated that Canadians spend $7 billion each year to comply with our tax laws.

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