A male teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario has recently begun publicly living out his bizarre sexual fantasy on school grounds.

You must have seen pictures of this pervert go viral these past few days on the internet.

The biologically-male teacher wears watermelon-sized fake breasts to school, complete with protruding nipples. His exhibitionist costume directly contradicts the school’s dress code.

Yet the Halton District School Board is defending his supposed right to make his sexual fantasy a public event, with high-school teenagers as the spectators. They cite the Ontario Human Rights Code as giving the teacher protected grounds to express his “gender identity.”

It’s obvious what this weirdo is doing. He gets off on presenting himself as a highly-sexualized and grotesque caricature of a woman in front of minors. Not only is this an obscene mockery of womanhood, but it also perverts the entire atmosphere at the school.

Parents MUST stand against the sexualization of their children’s learning environment!

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