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“It feels so good to support a party with clear principles, that defends them openly, with passion and conviction!”

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DeltaPaul Tarasenko

Born in Surrey in 1996, where Paul attended the French Immersion program at Burnsview Secondary School in Delta. He then went on to graduate from Trinity Western University with distinction with his degree in general studies in the areas of education, history, and environmental science.

He is now trying to make a name for himself by working hard in the logistics field and by starting his own small business. While still young Paul is trying to make a name for himself by mentoring young adults at his local church in the virtues of hard work, humility, steadfastness, and honesty.

Paul has become increasingly frustrated with the establishment parties and career politicians who are more concerned with satisfying the needs of special interest groups instead of the people. That's why Paul joined the PPC to make a difference and put Canada and her people first!

Contact Paul: [email protected]

Paul's Facebook and Twitter are linked below. A website will be added at a later date.