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Our rights and freedoms are under threat

I’m in Montreal this afternoon demonstrating with thousands of other freedom fighters against vaccine passports and other authoritarian covid measures.

Eighteen months after “just two weeks to flatten the curve,” these attacks on our rights and freedoms continue.

Trudeau just announced that all federal civil servants and workers will have to be vaccinated or lose their job.

And that only vaccinated Canadians will soon be able to travel by plane, train or boat.

He’s ignored Parliament. Bribed the media. Spent hundreds of billions to buy votes.

He doesn’t care about democracy. He wants Canada to become a police and surveillance state like China, a country he admires.

We are witnessing the most sustained, unprecedented series of frontal attacks against our rights and freedoms in our lifetime.

Whether you are vaccinated or not is irrelevant. Everybody’s basic freedoms will be destroyed if we let this happen.

Elections will be called tomorrow.

Can you contribute $5 to our campaign fund today to help our team of candidates across the country fight this rising tyranny?

Thanks so much for standing up for Canada!