Our Regional organizers

Mark Buzan – Ottawa & Gatineau
Mark is trilingual, as he is fluent in French, English and Spanish. His skills in communications, advocacy/government relations, and in business development have elevated him to roles such as President & CEO, Executive Director, and Director of Public Affairs/Communications in associations, government and even as a Consultant in private practice. Read more…

Ethan Erkiletian – Saskatchewan South
Contact: ethan@peoplespartyofcanada.ca
A financial technology investor, currency trader and cryptocurrency enthusiast today, Ethan comes from the rough n’ tumble world of oil fields and agricultural trucking in years past. Ethan has enjoyed the opportunity to engage in some freelance consulting work with major commercial concerns to educate their staff on the overarching concepts of block chain technology. Read more…

Bill Eva – Manitoba
Bill was born, raised and lived most of his life in the Winnipeg area. He currently resides in Headingley Manitoba with his wife Angie and two daughters. A serial entrepreneur, Bill is currently involved in the world of real estate development, doing both small land development projects and rehabilitating old apartment blocks, all aimed at the creation of nice homes for Manitobans. Read more…

Darcy Gerow – Alberta
Contact: darcy@peoplespartyofcanada.ca
Darcy is the former Deputy Leader of Canada’s Libertarian Party. As a passionate advocate of personal freedom and responsibility, he has been involved in organizational and leadership roles within conservative communities. Darcy is a construction foreman specializing in Northern logistics, servicing Canada’s oil, mining and heavy industry. Read more…

Marie-Claude Godue – Quebec
Contact: marie-claude@partipopulaireducanada.ca
Marie-Claude is a businesswoman. She was a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in 2006, 2008 and 2011 in the riding of Berthier-Maskinongé. She became involved with the CPC for many years, where she built strong relationships with party members, past candidates and organizers. Marie-Claude was a ministerial assistant to Minister Robert René de Cotret, under Mulroney. Read more…

Jacques Grenier – Quebec
Contact: jacques@partipopulaireducanada.ca
Interested in politics since his early twenties, Jacques has always been close to organizations as an active supporter. He militated according to his convictions of the moment. For Jacques, politics is constantly evolving for the good of the community where everyone must get involved, except to express their right to vote to maintain democracy. Read more…

Gurmant Grewal – British Columbia
Contact: gurmantgrewal@gmail.com
Gurmant holds an MBA from the prestigious PAU, India and was awarded an honorary PhD in political science and diplomacy by Caucasus Univ., Georgia. He has over 35 years of experience as a university professor, a manager with multinational companies, and an entrepreneur, among other things. Gurmant was elected as an MP from Surrey, BC in less than six years after immigrating to Canada. Read more…

Shannon Kewley – British Columbia
Contact: shannon@peoplespartyofcanada.ca
Award-winning realtor and acclaimed restauranter, Shannon has never been one to rest on her accomplishments. Through the years she has accumulated over 20 years of political experience along with the respect of her contemporaries and opponents. Her experience as a restauranter accustomed her to the fast-pace, and sometimes, hectic campaign environment. Read more…

Phil Rackus – Ottawa Valley, Northern and North Western Ontario
A lifetime of entrepreneurialism and community involvement are the crucible that formed Phil's views on politics, economics and societal change. He has been involved with several successful high-tech startups over the years, most notably N-able Technologies and CENX, recently acquired by Ericsson, where Phil serves as Director of Product Line Management. Read more…

Adam Richardson – Atlantic Canada
Contact: adam@peoplespartyofcanada.ca
Adam has a long history in political organization, particularly across Atlantic Canada, but also has a professional background as an Occupational Therapist in both Canada and the US. He holds degrees from both UNB in Fredericton, N.B. and Dalhousie University in Halifax, N.S. Adam also spent two summers as an economics researcher at the University of N.B. Read more…

Nigel Sharp – Saskatchewan North
Nigel hails from Regina, SK and works in the private sector as a Senior insurance claims examiner for a major company. Prior to that, he was an NCAA collegiate athlete and later, head recruiting coordinator for one of the best university’s cross-country teams in North America. His political experience includes a foray into provincial politics. Read more…

Caleb Voskamp – Ontario
Caleb was born and raised in the Perth Wellington riding. His father is a cash cropper and pig farmer, his mother is a New York Times bestselling author. He is currently pursuing his Arts and Business Degree at the University of Waterloo with a major in Economics and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Caleb also runs a startup, Joy Wares, which makes and retails home decor. Read more…

Nathan Weber – Canadian University Clubs
Contact: nathan@peoplespartyofcanada.ca
Nathan’s political experience started back in 2004 when he volunteered for the Conservative Party Candidate in Vancouver Kingsway. He was the Vice President and Secretary for the UBC Campus Conservative Club for 2 years. In 2015, Nathan completed the CPC Summer Internship Program in Ottawa, working as an intern in the Office of the President of the Treasury Board. Read more…

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