Our Regional & Provincial Coordinators

Regional Coordinator | Greater Vancouver Area — Naomi Chocyk
Contact Naomi: naomi@peoplespartyofcanada.ca


Naomi majored in political science and international relations at UBC. She has worked as a political aide for the BC Liberals and more recently as a staffer for Jody Wilson-Raybould. Naomi served as the CEO of the EDA in her home riding of Vancouver East, and when the Party needed more candidates Naomi stepped up to run against her former boss as the PPC candidate for Vancouver Granville. Naomi has an extensive background in marketing and events management. She is passionate about public service and volunteers as a support worker for people suffering from addiction and PTSD.

For a list of ridings in this region, please click here.

Regional Coordinator | Greater British Columbia — Yale Gibson
Contact Yale: yale@peoplespartyofcanada.ca


Yale has been involved in politics since a young age, volunteering with the BC Young Liberals, then the Conservative Party of Canada before taking a role on his local CPC EDA. Upon the founding of the PPC, Yale immediately began organizing locally through social media and ensured his local EDA of Chilliwack—Hope was one of the first to be organized in the country. Since its founding, Yale has served as CEO of the Chilliwack—Hope PPC Association and played a crucial role in his candidate’s campaign, which garnered the largest vote percentage of any PPC candidate in BC.

For a list of ridings in this region, please click here.

Provincial Coordinator | Alberta — Adrian Dzikowski
Contact Adrian: adrian@peoplespartyofcanada.ca


Adrian helped found the PPC EDA of Red Deer—Mountain View and acted as its interim CEO. He helped guide its transition to a Regional Association representing both Red Deer ridings. His past campaign management experience for a federal Conservative candidate allowed him to quickly assemble and run campaign teams for Paul Mitchell and Laura-Lynn Thompson during the 2019 general election. His passion for liberty and the PPC ideals stems from his upbringing in Poland during the communist era, where only the elite and connected had any freedoms. He is committed to helping build a strong organization and develop leaders that will challenge the status quo.

Provincial Coordinator | Saskatchewan — Monique Quintal
Contact Monique: monique@peoplespartyofcanada.ca

Monique is currently the President of the Saskatoon—Grasswood PPC Association, and was campaign manager for her PPC candidate in the 2019 federal election. Monique's favorite principle of the PPC is Personal Responsibility. Monique was born in Rosetown, Saskatchewan and was raised on a grain farm. She lives with her wife in Saskatoon. They enjoy traveling, camping, and spending time with their nieces and nephews.

Provincial Coordinator | Manitoba — Noel Gautron
Contact Noel: noel@peoplespartyofcanada.ca


As soon as Maxime Bernier announced his new political party, Noel was inspired to run as a candidate for him. Since its founding, Noel has served as a Director on the Board of his local EDA of Provencher. When the Board of the Elmwood—Transcona PPC Association publicly resigned in an effort to smear the Party, Noel is the one who stepped up to reorganize this riding association and eventually ran as the candidate for Elmwood—Transcona. We are excited to see what Noel can bring to his new role.

Regional Coordinator | Northern Ontario — Renaud Roy
Contact Renaud: renaud@peoplespartyofcanada.ca


Renaud helped found the Electoral District Association in his home riding of Timmins—James Bay and continues to serve as its CEO. Renaud also represented his riding as our candidate, achieving one of the highest vote percentages for a PPC Candidate across the country. Renaud was inspired to join the PPC by his time living in the former communist state of Romania and views the People’s Party as necessary to push back against the slow creep of ever-growing abusive government powers in our nation.


For a list of ridings in this region, please click here.

Regional Coordinator | Western Ontario — Kevin Cooper
Contact Kevin: kevin@peoplespartyofcanada.ca


Soon after the founding of the PPC, Kevin took on the role of GTA Coordinator helping to establish over 25 EDA associations in the Toronto area. Prior to joining the PPC, Kevin was a volunteer for the Conservative Party of Canada, but like Maxime, Kevin left due to the moral and intellectual corruption he saw in Canada's supposedly “right-wing” party. Having recently moved from Toronto to Guelph, Kevin has changed roles to assist the Western Ontario region. He is looking forward to working with all of the EDAs and preparing for the next election.


For a list of ridings in this region, please click here.

Regional Coordinator | Southwestern Ontario — Mason Leschyna
Contact Mason: mason@peoplespartyofcanada.ca

coordinator_leschyna.jpgAs soon as Bernier announced his intention to form the PPC and its small government platform focusing on individual freedom, Mason signed up as a founding member. Since then, he has served as CEO of the Essex PPC Association during which time he has built a dynamic association, helped other struggling associations in the area, and organized a regional tour for Maxime during the election campaign. Mason is excited to have been selected as the Regional Coordinator for Southwestern Ontario and is committed to helping the party and local EDAs in any way that he can.

For a list of ridings in this region, please click here.

Regional Coordinator | Greater Toronto Area - West — Baljit Bawa
Contact Baljit: baljit@peoplespartyofcanada.ca

Baljit is an accomplished Technology professional, community leader, academic, and winner of the “Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award 2011”. Baljit has a wealth of political organizational experience and volunteered for the Liberal Party for several years. Upon its founding, Baljit joined the PPC because he viewed it as the only Party that would put Canadians first and deal with the emerging cultural issues he saw head on. Baljit was our PPC Candidate in Brampton Centre where he achieved the largest vote total of any of our Brampton-area candidates and one of the best results for any PPC Candidate in the GTA.

For a list of ridings in this region, please click here.

Regional Coordinator | Greater Toronto Area - East — Deborah McKenzie
Contact Deborah: deborah@peoplespartyofcanada.ca



Upon the founding of the PPC, Deborah helped found the Electoral District Association in her home riding of Beaches—East York and continues to serve as its CEO. When the time came, Deborah stepped up to represent her riding as our candidate there. Deborah has consistently been one of our most active members in the GTA and we are excited to see what Deborah can bring to her new role.


For a list of ridings in this region, please click here.

Regional Coordinator | Eastern Ontario — Gary Major
Contact Gary: gary@peoplespartyofcanada.ca

coordinator_avatar.jpgGary has maintained a lifelong passion for politics, sparked by political debates and discussions shared with his family from a young age. In his late teenage years his passion turned into involvement and Gary began volunteering with the Reform Party and later with Stephen Harper’s CPC. In recent years Gary became disillusioned with the CPC and quickly followed Maxime Bernier when he founded the People’s Party. Upon founding, Gary was selected as the Financial Agent in his local riding, and since then he has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty, supporting other EDAs in the surrounding area.

For a list of ridings in this region, please click here.

Provincial Coordinator | Québec — Marie-Claude Godue
Contact Marie-Claude: marie-claude@partipopulaireducanada.ca

Marie-Claude Godue is a businesswoman. She was a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in 2006, 2008 and 2011 in the riding of Berthier-Maskinongé. She was involved with the CPC for many years, where she built strong relationships with party members, past candidates and organizers. Marie-Claude was a ministerial assistant to Minister Robert René de Cotret under the Mulroney government. In 2016–2017, she acted as Quebec organizer for Maxime Bernier’s team during the CPC leadership campaign. She is known as a hardworking and tireless organizer.

Provincial Coordinator | New Brunswick — Bret Sears
Contact Bret: bret@peoplespartyofcanada.ca

coordinator_avatar.jpgBret grew up in Nova Scotia where he earned his Bachelor's Degree from St. F.X. University. After living in Alberta for many years, he returned home to the Maritimes and settled in Saint John to raise his family of 4. He works with a medium sized Surveying, Engineering and Consulting company. Since its inception, Bret has served as CEO of the Saint John—Rothesay PPC Association. During the 2019 election Bret took on a critical role in organizing Maxime’s Leader’s Tour in New Brunswick. Bret has already brought so much to our organization in NB, and we are excited to see what he can accomplish as Provincial Coordinator.

Provincial Coordinator | Nova Scotia — Mitchell Foley
Contact Mitchell: mitchellf@peoplespartyofcanada.ca

coordinator_avatar.jpgMitchell has been involved in politics for a number of years now and has been an active volunteer in recent provincial elections. Last year was Mitchell’s first foray in federal politics. Once Mitchell realized there was a PPC candidate in his home riding of Kings—Hants, he became an active volunteer on his local EDA, eventually becoming CEO. From this position, Mitchell continued to take on more responsibilities including campaign manager and lead strategist for his candidate. Mitchell is excited to extend his knowledge and experience to the rest of the province as well as neighbouring PEI.

Provincial Coordinator | Prince Edward Island — Mitchell Foley
Contact Mitchell: mitchellf@peoplespartyofcanada.ca

Mitchell is the Nova Scotia Provincial Coordinator and he is currently serving as the Interim Provincial Coordinator for Prince Edward Island.

Provincial Coordinator | Newfoundland & Labrador — Ben Ruckpaul
Contact Ben: ben@peoplespartyofcanada.ca

coordinator_ruckpaul.jpgA proud member of the People’s Party of Canada, Ben believes strongly in championing our Party’s founding principles. Having lived in provinces across Canada, Ben moved to St. John’s in 2012 where he completed his Bachelor’s of Science. Now Ben wants to give back to the province that has given him so much over the past 8 years. Having stood as the PPC candidate for St. John’s—Mount Pearl in the 2019 election, Ben was the only PPC candidate in all of Newfoundland & Labrador. Ben is looking to extend his experience to the rest of the province to ensure citizens across the province have a PPC option on the ballot.

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