Our 4 Fundamental Values

The People’s Party of Canada’s 4 fundamental values are: Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Fairness and Respect.

We don’t believe that government intervention is a solution for everything. Government should not intervene to solve each and every problem on the road to a utopian and unrealistic vision of society.

We want smaller government because we support individual freedom and personal responsibility. We have faith in people. We have faith that they have the ability, the dignity and the right to make their own decisions and determine their own destiny.

The People’s Party will restore Fairness in our country by denouncing the taxes, programs and regulations:

  • that protect industries from competition, create barriers to trade and force consumers to pay more for goods and services;
  • that discourage investment, crush private initiative, and the dreams of young entrepreneurs;
  • that force citizens to be content with inefficient government services and prevent private alternatives to emerge;
  • that unfairly distribute wealth from some provinces to others while keeping the recipient provinces in poverty.

The People’s Party will:

  • respect the taxpayers;
  • respect our Constitution;
  • equally respect all regions, provinces and territories;
  • and respect our traditions, our history, and what makes Canada a unique place in the world, without trying to forcibly change it like the current Liberal government is doing.

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