Opposing the globalist Great Reset

This week, a video of Justin Trudeau addressing a United Nations meeting resurfaced on the Internet.

In it, he says the COVID-19 pandemic “has provided an opportunity for a reset.”

He talks about “reimagining economic systems that actually address global challenges.”

All these buzzwords refer to the Great Reset, a globalist initiative put forward by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum to transform our society and economy.

Globalism is a neo-Marxist ideology that promotes coordination between countries and increased power to the UN in order to impose worldwide socialism.

For decades, its proponents have used climate alarmism to push this goal.

The Paris Climate Accord, the Global Compact on Migrations, the massive government spending and money creation by central banks, the attacks on free speech, on national identity, on Western culture and history, etc.

It’s all part of that movement.

Justin Trudeau is one of the world’s most prominent defender of this vision.

Ten years ago, he supported a campaign for the creation of a World Parliament that would have power to impose its laws on Canada.

He’s now openly saying that he’ll use the pandemic to push for the ambitious globalist goals that his government has so far been unable to achieve.

Canadians did not vote for this. It’s completely anti-democratic.

And what are Erin O’Toole and his herd of Conservative sheep saying about this? NOTHING!

There is only one way to defeat this globalist threat.

It’s to make sure that more Canadians understand what’s going on and put pressure on politicians.

The People’s Party is the only party in Canada that speaks up against this Great Reset.

Help us reach more Canadians by forwarding this message to a friend of family member.

And please contribute $5 today, or any amount you can afford, to help us awaken more Canadians to this threat.

Let’s say NO to the Great Reset!

Thank you,

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