Nigel Sharp

Nigel Sharp – Saskatchewan North

Nigel Sharp hails from Regina, SK and works in the private sector as a Senior insurance claims examiner for a major company. Prior to that, he was an NCAA collegiate athlete and later, head recruiting coordinator for one of the best university’s cross-country teams in North America.

His political experience includes a foray into provincial politics, serving on the NDP Regina-Coronation Park executive as a member-at-large for a year from 2014-15. A fun fact is that at the age of five and six, Nigel was Canadian Chess Champion for his age. His father, Neil is a competitive marathoner and his mother, Dianna is a former Chess Olympian for Canada.

“I was ready to give up on federal politics for good when Maxime made his principled move. The willingness to stand alone for his values out of 337 other MP's in parliament on supply management, corporate welfare, telecom reform and a multitude of other important issues for Canadians is why I endorse the PPC and Maxime Bernier for Prime Minister of Canada.”

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