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Media Release – Maxime Bernier reacts to the Leaders’ Debates Commission decision

Gatineau, QC,  August 12, 2019 — The leader of the People's Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, is very disappointed with the preliminary decision of the Leaders’ Debates Commission not to invite him to the two debates that will take place during the election campaign.

Mr. Bernier disagrees with the interpretation of Commissioner David Johnston, who explains in a letter received today that he does not believe that the PPC has, under criterion (iii)b), a legitimate chance of electing more than a candidate “based on the recent political context, public opinion polls and previous general elections results.”

In a letter sent to the Commission on July 22, the PPC leader argued that, on the contrary, the recent political context in Canada and other Western democracies suggests that a populist party, even though it was founded only very recently, had an excellent chance of rapid growth and electing candidates.

“The Commission seems to have relied solely on polls, and did not consider the recent political context,” Bernier said. “The PPC represents a unique perspective, and is the only party that offers distinct policy positions on several topics that are at the heart of political debates, including immigration, climate change, freedom of expression, corporate welfare, foreign aid, supply management, and many other topics. The PPC's positions are similar to those of a large minority, or even a majority of Canadians, on these issues. Canadians have the right to hear views that differ from those of established parties.”

The PPC will continue to make representations to the Commission in the coming weeks until it makes a final decision.


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