Mark Buzan

Mark Buzan – Ottawa & Gatineau

Mark is trilingual, as he is fluent in French, English and Spanish with international business travel experience in Latin America, the United States, Europe, the Middle East and throughout Canada.

His skills in communications, advocacy/government relations, and in business development have elevated him to roles such as President & CEO, Executive Director, and Director of Public Affairs/Communications in associations, government and even as a Consultant in private practice.

Politically speaking, Mark had an early start. As one of the first organizers for the Reform Party in West Quebec, he organized the party’s presence in ridings that had little or no members and established riding associations. He later assisted the Reform Party and Canadian Alliance in a number of elections and was involved in the leadership campaign that elected Stockwell Day as the leader of the Canadian Alliance. He also worked as a Legislative Assistant for a Member of Parliament who later became a Minister, the Hon. Jason Kenney.

His campaign experience was later used provincially and municipally in Alberta and in Quebec. First on the nomination campaign for a friend with the Alberta PCs and later in Quebec with the Action démocratique du Québec and several municipal candidates. He was involved in grassroots efforts all the way to campaign management. He was even a candidate for the ADQ and regional organizer for the party.

An experienced board director, an association executive, and a public policy advocate for business, industry and professions, Mark has spent the entirety of his career effectively translating complex issues into ones that are more clearly understood by their target audiences.

Over the years, Mark has developed experience and commented publicly on everything from Finance, International trade and development, Energy, Construction, Sport, Environment, Immigration, Skills development, Oral health, Recycling and international commodity trading.

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